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Stylising Your Theatre Production

Making an impression with a theatre show is not easy. Whether you are putting on an original piece or a performance that has trod many boards over the course of the last hundred years, capturing the minds and imaginations of your audience will be about more than just what is on the page.

The style of the piece can make or break any theatre production, and whether you choose to set the piece as a modern day tale or a classic story and whether you look to utilise minimalism, surrealism or naturalism will all make a huge amount of difference.

With so many performances of so many plays happening all over the country every single day, audiences are well versed in all different forms of theatre. As such, to stand out, you need to make sure you have a clear view in your mind of what the play is saying and how your style will best communicate that.

Stage props can be extremely important to any play as a result. To truly make a piece believable, whether you have opted for naturalism or surrealism, a modern setting or a historical one, you will need props that capture that time and feel. Props can instantly set the tone of the piece you are performing and in many ways, the right sets and properties will do more than a thousand words can in communicating, setting, time and even theme.

Many people overlook the value of stage props when putting on a production, but with just the right choices here, any play can not only be more engrossing, but also more succinct in how it deals with the issues at the heart of the play.

When choosing a style, be sure that you can pull off what you plan to do, and that you have access to the right staging and the right properties to ensure that you can fully commit to the style you have chosen.

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