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Student Accommodation Investment is a Sound Choice

If you are looking to invest in property then you may wish to consider student accommodation investment. The Financial Times recently reported that student accommodation brought in around £800 million in 2011 alone, which makes it a very sound investment indeed.

When looking to get a mortgage from the banks, you will find that they look very favourably upon student accommodation investment as it is a very low risk form of investment. This makes it a great starting point for anyone who wishes to get into the property market.


There are many benefits to choosing to invest in student accommodation, the main one being the massive demand for affordable student accommodation in many areas of the country. This huge demand means that you would have no problem in renting out your property for a decent price.

When it comes time for one student to leave, there will be an endless supply of new ones willing to take their place, so you can pretty much guarantee full occupancy of your new property year after year.

High Yield

Student accommodation is in demand and there is a shortage. This means that more money can be made from student accommodation in most places. Landlords can make as much as 3-10% more for their property than those with non-student accommodation for rent in the same area.


Student accommodation can be bought very cheaply and, if you choose to invest in flats and houses, you should have no trouble selling them on at a profit when the time comes to sell them on. Many people worry that if they rent property to students it will end up being trashed but students these days are much more serious and will likely keep their home in good order.

Advance Payments

Often, it is possible for the owners of student property to ask for the whole years rent to be paid in advance. Many universities will do this so that their students may secure the best accommodation in the city and this means that you could receive between 43 and 51 weeks of payments in one lump sum.

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