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Stall Skins Superior Choice Over Rubber Stall Mats

Stall Skins are the perfect alternative to rubber horse stall mats — they’re cost effective, easy to install, and are the intelligent choice over conventional rubber stall mats or horse stall mat flooring. In fact, Stall Skins cost 50% less than rubber mat flooring. Half the cost of rubber mats! That kind of savings can buy a lot of hay!


The people who created Stall Skins are horse owners, so they knew what they wanted in developing a superior stall liner that wasn’t just another version of rubber horse stall mats. The benefits include:


• Half the cost of installing rubber mats
• Permeable material that allows urine to drain through to base material under the Stall Skins
• Reduced odor
• Significant savings in bedding material versus rubber mats
• Reduced labor to clean stalls


Stall Skins literally pay for themselves in a very short time. How? Because when Stall Skins are used instead of rubber mats, significantly less bedding needs to be used and yet the stalls stay dry. The dollar savings in stall bedding will pay for the Stall Skins in short order! No more pools of smelly urine and damp shavings that never dry out (like with rubber mats). Studies have shown that about 1/3 to 1/2 the amount of shavings are used with Stall Skins over rubber stall mats — because the urine seeps through the permeable material of the Stall Skins down to the sand or dirt base underneath. And that also means less labor in cleaning stalls, too.


The Stall Skins material is easy to install by simply rolling out the one-piece material into place and curving it up on the sides like a pie crust and securing it. Horses don’t slip on this material either like they do on rubber mats, and there are no more ‘puzzle pieces’ of rubber stall mats pulled up and scattered in the stall.


Here’s the bottom line: Stall Skins are about 50% less expensive than rubber stall mats, you save significant money on bedding over using rubber horse mats, they’re easy to install, less labor and time is needed to clean stalls, urine never pools like on rubber mats, ammonia smell is significantly reduced, and Stalls Skins are safe. All these benefits keep horses comfortable, safe and healthy. How great is that!

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