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Do You Need Revision for Bad Breast Augmentation?

Breast augmentation surgery is something which is becoming ever more popular, especially in the USA. Now that the surgery is more affordable, more women are able to create the body that they have always wanted. Women who were once self-conscious about their bodies can now show it off proudly, increase their self-confidence and lead much happier lives. However, this all depends on breast augmentation surgery going as planned. When it does not, then women may need to have revision for bad breast augmentation which will put their problems right and ensure that they have the body they always wanted after all.

Revision for bad Breast Augmentation

Although the vast majority of people who opt to have breast augmentation surgery will be more than happy with the results, there are always going to be some women who’s breast augmentation does not produce the results they were expecting.

Cosmetic surgery is something of an art and as such, if you have a bad artist, you get bad results, or sometimes honest mistakes are made which lead to a less than perfect result. In these instances, revision for bad breast augmentation is the solution.

Do You Need Revision?

If you are not happy with the results of your breast augmentation surgery, then you may well wish to consider having revision for bad breast augmentation. You could be unhappy with the size of your new implants, or maybe they are uneven in shape, hard or rippling. If this is the case then revision breast augmentation surgery may be for you.

What is Involved in Revision for Bad Breast Augmentation?

Revision for bad breast augmentation usually involves releasing or removing the current capsule around your breast implants so that a new pocket can be formed, which will suit your needs better. Your breast implants will rest on this new pocket, giving you the shape that you really wanted.

It is also possible too have new smaller or larger implants put in place, or you can have your implants removed if you wish to do so. The procedure for revision breast augmentation is a fairly simple one which can be carried out under general anaesthetic with little problems or disruptions.

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