SMBs given tips on NAS storage choices

When small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) are on the lookout for new NAS storage solutions, or indeed any other type of network storage, they want to benefit from the best around. After all, they are planning to part with cold hard cash for the provisions, so it is important that the solutions meet all their needs perfectly and represent good value for money.

Writing on Techworld.com recently, Paul Mah offered advice to SMBs concerning this task.

He noted that one of the first issues most organisations bear in mind when looking at the NAS storage systems available is the projected storage capacity that will be needed. The expert pointed out that some options may be upgradable with an expansion chassis for additional drive bays.

Mr Mah added: “Do remember to ensure that the NAS is capable of supporting the largest capacity HDD currently available.”

Meanwhile, the writer went on to draw attention to the issue of connectivity. He remarked: “The common denominator at the moment appears to be gigabit Ethernet, though dual gigabit Ethernet ports are increasingly common in mid-range NAS models. However, do not assume that link aggregation is automatic with units with dual Ethernet ports, as some work only in fail-over mode.”

Other points that firms ought to bear in mind, Mr Mah suggested, are hard disk performance and file storage capabilities. About the latter, he stated: “You may expect the prominent NAS brands all to support major file transfer protocols such as CIFS, NFS, AFP (Mac OS) and even FTP. More advanced NAS will also support iSCSI for block-level storage.”

Thankfully, as long as companies know where to look for their network storage solutions, they should be able to source the perfect products for them, helping them to benefit from the most cost-effective and impressive offerings on the market.

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