Are Kitesurfing Lessons Really Necessary?

Ask anyone who is into kitesurfing whether you can teach yourself the basics and the general consensus will be no, you need kitesurfing lessons. Kitesurfing is similar to flying a plane – you may be able to do it on your first attempt but the chances of death or injury are far much higher than they would be if you knew what you were doing. Although kitesurfing is an extreme sport, it’s only when the wrong gear is put into the hands of inexperienced people that accidents occur so if you do want to get started – make sure you get some kitesurfing lessons first!

The Trainer Kite

Kitesurfing can be dangerous if you don’t respect the sport and the equipment properly and so most kitesurfing lessons will begin on a trainer kite. By learning on a trainer kite you will be introduced to kitesurfing gradually which will not only make things easier for you but it will also be safer. A trainer kite is powerful but it isn’t powerful enough to lift you off of the ground and by starting off with this basic piece of equipment you will learn how to steer properly and start to get used to the power that you will experience on a higher level board.

The Underpowered Kite

Once you have mastered the basics on a trainer kite you will then be introduced to an underpowered kite. At this stage in your kitesurfing lessons the whole aim is to get you used to the power that can be felt on a proper kiteboard. In fair weather conditions you will learn how to steer a larger kite and again learn how to cope with the power. During these kitesurfing lessons you will also be taught some safety techniques such as how to fall into the water correctly so as to avoid injury, as well as ‘body dragging’ which will help you find your board after a fall.

The final kitesurfing lessons that you will take will involve a full sized kite and a full sized board – these are the final steps in which you will be coached and by the end of it you should be ready to tackle the waves on your own.


Kitesurfing lessons are necessary if you want to learn the basics and stay safe whilst taking part in this extreme sport. They will save you time, frustration and money in the long run.