Ski Holidays in Andorra – Less Crowds, Amazing Terrain

Andorra is an incredibly small European country (it’s less than 20 miles from border to border) however its size hasn’t stopped it from becoming one of Europe’s top ski destinations during the last decade. Although when most people think of ski holidays in Europe they automatically think of the Alps, ski holidays in Andorra can be just as good if not better due to the low numbers of tourists and the amazing terrain.

Why Andorra?

Just because ski holidays in Andorra aren’t as well known in Europe as some of the other ski destinations, it doesn’t mean that they are no good. Andorra is nestled in between the Eastern Pyrenees, and with mountains rising up to over 9,000 feet you can just imagine how good the skiing is. Although Andorra is small there are over 125 miles of ski slopes just waiting to be enjoyed, and due to lower numbers of tourists visiting the country (at the moment at least) your time on the slopes is guaranteed to be amazing.

The Best Time to Visit

One of the best things about ski holidays in Andorra is that the ski season generally starts in October and continues up until the middle of April. Not all European ski resorts can guarantee perfect slopes for six months of the year and this is why Andorra stands out. Clearly the busiest times to visit are during the European school holidays so if you want to have a really quiet week away, be sure to book your ski holidays in Andorra outside of peak season.

Where to Ski

The post popular resort for Brits taking ski holidays in Andorra is Pas de La Casa as this is the most reliable location when it comes to fresh snow. Pas de La Casa also caters for both beginner and intermediate skiers and so is perfect for family holidays as well as couples who are new to winter sports. The restaurants and bars in Pas de La Casa are amazing too and there are a variety of other activities that you can take part in if you fancy a break away from the runs for a while.

Ski holidays in Andorraare guaranteed to be fun, fun, fun and due to the lower tourist numbers you are sure to get much more slope time in than you would in one of the more popular European winter sports destinations.