If you were to see a sign that said self storage business for sale you would in all likelihood ignore it. After all most people are not interested in buying a self-storage business and most private individuals do not have the funds to buy an entire business, so most would simply dismiss such an advert.

A Different Type of Self Storage Business for Sale

However, the next time you see the phrase self storage business for sale, on the web, perhaps you should pause and take a look. This could be the way self-storage investments are being advertised, and that is an investment opportunity that is well worth considering.

Self-storage investments require a relatively small sum of money to get started. Typically, an investor can start with as little as £3,750. Returns are very good with most of these kinds of investments generating between 8 and 12% net, per annum. This is far better than most other investment vehicles. At the moment, even property is not performing as well as that. Many landlords struggle to make 8% per annum on their investment and of course investing in property requires a lot more than just £3,750.

Grabbing a Stake in a Lucrative Market

When you invest in self-storage units, you are effectively buying a stake in a very lucrative market. Since 1980 when self-storage units were first introduced to the UK demand has grown year on year. Typically, demand is growing by around 15% per year. There are many reasons people in the UK need self-storage, so there are many factors behind the sectors strong growth.

Increasingly people in the UK are having to live in smaller homes. Some have had to downsize for financial reasons. Others cannot afford to move, or cannot get a mortgage. Many have solved their space problems by converting their garage or loft.

People moving into care home also rarely want to sell their stuff. Instead, they hire a self-storage unit. Both groups of self-storage customers are growing and look set to continue to do so for the foreseeable future. This means that having a share of the self-storage industry makes a lot of sense.

If you are looking for a self storage business for sale or want to learn more about investing in self-storage units visit the Ldag website.