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Retain a Cat’s Agility via Adequate Food Products

Each member of the cat family is considered natural hunters who utilise their agility and speed to effectively capture their prey. The former is particularly essential as it allows a cat to avoid danger posed by other cats, whilst also having the spring and sharpness to pounce.

Although cats purchased as pets from a pet store, breeder or stray home are less ferocious and dependent on hunting than jaguars and leopards within wildlife areas, their agility remains important. It allows a cat to effectively roam around a household and outdoors, and jump onto tables or windowsill without any manoeuvrability issues. This can allow kittens and cats to be free and enjoy the space provided to them, whilst also remaining healthy in and shape via regular exercise controlled by themselves.

In a similar vein to dog supplies tailor-made for puppies, a kitten requires a specialist form of food products. Cats which are less than a year old are naturally fragile due to their bones and muscles being in their infancy and not strong enough to leap around as much as adult cats. Additionally, being taken away from their mothers requires adequate products which replace the nutrients and vitamins lost from feeding from the teat.

Without a sufficient intake of food products tailored for kittens, young cats can encounter significant problems in body development that can be detrimental in later years. Giving too much food to a kitten or providing the wrong type of products can lead to an insufficient intake in nutrients and vitamins required to provide strength to the core body. This can not only lead to walking difficulties, but also a lack of strength and energy required to be mobile and agile.

Purchasing specialist dietary products from a cat and dog supplies specialist can be the all important step to ensuring a kitten grows into a fledging, happy cat. Owners can watch their cat develop from an early age and be able to be agile and mobile to suits its playful and sometimes predatory nature.

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