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PPI Claims

Payment protection insurance (PPI) has been miss-sold in the past and there are now more and more companies willing to help you with your PPI claims.


Payment protection was created to help you with your mortgage payments if you fell ill and were unable to pay the monthly payment. It was also sold with loans and any other type of finance agreement that you may have entered into. In short some customers were pressured into taking out PPI. You may have been told that because of your job you had to take out PPI, but what you need to remember is that it is an optional extra.


If you feel you been miss-sold PPI in the past then you may be eligible to proceed, like many customers have already done so, with a PPI claims company. A quick look at your mortgage statement or loan agreement should tell you if you have PPI or not, but if you are still unsure help is just a phone call away.


You may have seen an advert on the TV or in your daily newspaper for example. You may have even received a phone call telling you that you may be able to make a PPI claim. If you think you have been miss-sold PPI and you have the internet at home you can even fill in an online application form and a PPI claims advisor will get back to you and start your claim on your behalf. You can also request a PPI claims information pack which you can read through yourself in your own time.


Your PPI claim will be treated in the fullest confidence and none of your personal information will be passed onto other companies. PPI claims advisors are there to help you and they will explain things to you in a manner you understand with no big legal terms or jargon.


Many people have already received money back from their PPI claims, far more money than they ever released. If you think you may be entitled to a refund contact a PPI claims company now and you could be in for a pleasant surprise.

If you are looking for help with PPI claims then contact the Easy PPI Reclaim website today!