Certain individuals have a very finely tuned ear to audio signals. Some of these will have an impressive range in terms of their hearing, picking out notes usually out of the range of perception for humans, whilst others will be able to pick out the smallest of sounds out of even the most intrusive cacophony.

Those who class themselves as true audiophiles will either have these skills innately, or will have picked up and finely tuned their hearing over time to ensure that they can use their ears for enhanced enjoyment or as a genuine skill within one form of audio-based industry or another.

Yet, even those who spend a huge amount of their time listening to audio files or even simply enjoying entire multimedia experiences may not be aware about just how much difference higher quality audiophile cables can make to any audio experience. From those who simply wish to get the very best sound from their stereo and to eliminate certain annoying frequencies and static or pull out both the bass and the treble in a given piece of music, to those who need to be sure that the audio they are producing is faultless, there will be many individuals who will benefit from better quality audio cables.

Different audio cable types will produce very different types of sound, and it will not just be quality that differs when changing from one type of cable to another. Even the timbre of the sound produced can be dramatically affected by the cables you choose, and in many ways the right cables will be just as important as the right speakers or even the right stereo system.

Even those with a very impressive ear for sound will want time to acclimatize to changes however, and therefore it is wise to live with new wires for a period of time before you decide whether or not they are right for you. If after a week or two, you go back to your original cables and do not hear the difference, it may be worth considering a different type of audio cable in the long term.

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