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Playground Surfaces Need to Be Safe

Playgrounds are fantastic places where children are free to explore and let their imagination run free. However, if they are not designed properly they also represent a safety hazard. With so many children running around without a care in the world it is only natural that accidents will happen from time to time, so it is very important that measures are taken to ensure that kids are as safe as can be when visiting the playground.

One of the most important things that playground designers can do to ensure that playgrounds are safe places for kids, is to choose safe playground surfaces. Playground surfaces need to be as soft as possible so that any children who fall from equipment, or who are accidentally knocked over, will have their fall broken as well as possible.

Playground Surfaces

When it comes to playground surfaces, concrete and tarmac are big no-no’s. Grass, which many people think is a safe alternative, is also a dangerous choice because tough weather conditions can make it muddy, slippery and unsafe for young children.

So what’s the alternative? There are actually several playground surfaces which are ideal for use in outdoor playgrounds.

Playturf and Safeturf are good options. They are artificial grass substitutes which are soft, safe and able to withstand rain and tough weather conditions without deteriorating in quality.

Another option would be Wetpour or Playbond. These are rubber tarmacs which create a fun, slightly bouncy surface which is ideal for breaking a fall.

Other options include wood chips, sand and mulch, all of which are better at breaking a fall than concrete or grass, although they are slightly messier than the above alternatives, which may put some parents off taking their children to the playground.

It is fair to say that injuries are always going to happen in playgrounds, It is an inevitable part of allowing children to play freely, but by choosing safe playground surfaces, you can significantly minimize the number and severity of any injuries which do occur, so it really is every important that a lot of thought is put into choosing the perfect playground surfaces for your playground.


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