If you want to work in an industry that offers plenty of opportunities and do not mind working hard, it is well worth considering a career in catering or hospitality. Working in both industries has its pros and cons. However, there is always plenty of demand for catering and hospitality staff, so once you get a bit of experience you should rarely, if ever, find yourself without work. There is also plenty of scope for advancement for those who enjoy the industry, so here we will take a quick look at how to get started working in the catering industry.


Step 1 – Assess your Current Skill Set

There are two routes into catering. The first is to take a low-level job and work your way up the ladder. Alternatively, you can go to catering or business college and apply for a management role straight away. However, if you choose this route you have to be realistic and realise that few firms will employ someone in a management position unless they have at least some experience of working in the industry. Therefore, it makes sense to take part time work while studying.

Fortunately, there are plenty of roles in the catering industry that can be done without formal qualifications. Sit down, and browse through an online job board and make a list of positions for which you already have the skills. Whilst looking through the job board also make a note of the jobs you would ultimately like to do, note the salary and importantly the qualifications you will need.


Step 2 – Plan How to Get the Qualifications

Once you know, what qualifications you need for your ultimate job all you need do is to identify the colleges and universities who offer the necessary training. You can then sign up for the necessary courses. At the same time, actively look for part time work in the industry for which you are already qualified. That way when you finish your course you will have the experience you need as well as the qualifications that will make you suitable for the catering career you want.




The caterer.com catering recruitment website is a great place to find out more about the type of jobs available in the catering industry. It is the best site to use to find actual work.