“Not Tonight Josephine” – What did Napoleon Know???

Josephine Home is a well-kept secret….a relatively young British Lifestyle company whose wares have been flown by Heads of States and even occasionally fought over! Each product looks amazing, ages gracefully and gives its owner a sense of pride and private enjoyment.

With today’s penchant for luxuriously styled bathrooms, Josephine Home’s bathroom collection offers everything you want for a cosseting, pampering experience. The collection of thick, fluffy Egyptian and Turkish cotton towels, bath matts and robes ensure that you have the perfect ingredients for spa-style “love yourself” experience. Josephine Home is about provenance – about the combination of love, care and the level of expertise that goes into creating bath linen products. It’s a personal and focused approach to creating bespoke towelling to ensure that the products are the best that they can be. All products are made to measure, taking into account age-old manufacturing traditions and making them relevant to the way we live today.

The bathroom linens are available in a Classic collection of 600 gsm Egyptian cotton or Herringbone Collection, made of 100% soft, absorbent Turkish cotton. Facecloths, hand towels, bath towels or bath sheets – all are made to make stepping out of the bath or washing your face and hands an almost sinful pleasure. Enveloping yourself in a soft, warm and fluffy towel after a bath is such a luxurious feeling after a long soak. Stepping out on to a fluffy bath mat made of double-sided Egyptian cotton also makes for happy feet! After all, VIP treatment shouldn’t be confined just to the body – our feet also deserve to experience the best! And when the drying is done, nothing makes you purr more than slipping into a cotton towelling lined bath robe. Josephine Home bathrobes offer a choice of trim – pink, beige, white or midnight and are very stylish. If you get caught out and have to answer the door wearing one of these beautiful robes, you won’t be ashamed to be seen!

Taking care of your bath linen is important to ensure that you always enjoy that fluffy experience. The very first laundering should be a cold one to soften the fibres. Thereafter it should be a 40 – 60 degree wash, white only and take care not to pack the drum as water has to be free to circulate in order to ensure a thorough wash. Soft water makes a huge difference so if you live in an area of hard water, a water softener would be a good investment. For the fluffiest of finishes, dry towels in a tumble dryer and never use fabric softener as this will coat the fibres and make them less absorbent when it comes to drying you.

Josephine Home is available for the home and also for the home from home, whether it is a hotel room, yacht or private plane. Bath linens can be tailor made to requirement. Whilst available generally on line in standard sizes, private clients can have linen produced to non-standard sizes with different finishes and in different colours. With Josephine Home, it is 5 star all the way, wherever you are. Bath time need never be the same again when you involve the Josephine Home experience.

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