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Nail Polish

Nail polish is a strange cosmetic product. It is a relatively new form of makeup when compared with something like mascara, which has been in use for thousands of years.

Modern nail polish was not invented until 1917, yet is already widely used throughout the world. It is odd to think if paint for cars had not been invented, we would still be staining our nails light pink using oil infused with oil petals. Michelle Ménard realised that the high gloss paint used for cars could be adapted and applied to the nails. Cutex produced the first nail polishes.

Why Nail Polish Is So Popular

Today, nail polish is worn for purely aesthetic reasons. However, people wanted to colour their nails for an entirely different reason during the 1800s and early 1900s. Then the world was a pretty grimy place to live in. Those who lived in towns or cities lived in a place where there was soot from coal and wood fires and factory chimneys. Those in the countryside worked the land by hand. Dirt under the nails was unsightly, but was a fact of life. Ladies wore gloves to protect their hands and keep their nails clean. When nail polish was introduced, it was a godsend because it hid the dirt and it became popular very quickly.

At first nail polish was only available in red. However, it was a bit bright for the time, so pink tones were introduced. At this point, the wearing of nail polish became acceptable.

Gradually over the years, it went from being something women used for practical reasons to being a pure fashion product. Women used nail polish to finish off their outfits and to complete their look. Modern manufacturing techniques allowed nail polishes to be produced in an array of colours. At this point, nail enamel became the fashion accessory it is today. However, applying the early polishes was not easy, because it took so long to dry. Gradually manufacturers of nail polish came up with solutions and today’s nail polishes dry almost instantly. This has made them far more practical to use, so sales have been boosted further.

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