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Mystery shop your agent to see how they perform

Having agreed which local estate agents to work with, a great way to see just how well they are marketing your property is to look into what they’re doing for you. You can of course do this for yourself, if the firm is big enough and you won’t get recognised. However, a far better way to approach things is with the help of friends and family.

Armed with the specifications of your property, you or your friends could contact the agency and ask for details of properties meeting these requirements. All things being well, the agent will present your property for consideration and most importantly of all, extol its virtues to try and secure the viewing.

Simply doing this is a great way to see how well an agent is working on selling your home, but it is also possible to take things further. Asking for a viewing will show just how they prefer to handle things, whether asking you to view straight away or taking the lead directly.

Electing to view the property is also an excellent way to see, other than how an agent conducts a viewing, how proactive they are. The best estate agents will be well versed with the property’s particulars and be able to respond well to questions.

Furthermore, you will also be able to judge what the buyer sees, which can show an agent in a different light. People are often surprised to learn that an agent is different with buyers than with sellers, so seeing things from both perspectives can be useful.

In order to choose the best estate agents in your area to work with straight away, nothing beats good research. With our independent and honest estate agent reviews written by previous clients, you can use to find the best person for your needs. Selling a house can be hard. Let us help get you started.

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