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Motability at Williamalewis

If you are disabled or a member of your family is, it is well worth checking out Motability at Williamalewis. William A Lewis is a family run garage that knows everything there is to know about the scheme. They have been involved since the scheme started and are Premier partners.

Why Check out Motability at Williamalewis

If you are not sure if you qualify for the scheme the staff at William A Lewis are only too happy to advice you. If you prefer you can find out before visiting the garage by ringing them, or by reading the Motability section of their website.

The garage has hundreds of Motability customers and employs a specialist called Jackie who knows absolutely everything about the scheme. Jackie and her team can help you to find the right car. If you live in the area you can even have a home visit.

The team is trained to look at far more than whether the car has enough space for your wheelchair or other mobility aids. They will help you to find a car that is economical to run. The team is fully conversant with insurance issues and understands the law surrounding whether someone is considered fit to drive.

If you need a vehicle to be adapted, the team at William A Lewis are definitely the people to talk to. They have sold so many Motability cars that they know, almost instantly, what kinds of modifications are needed and have a very good idea of how much each adaptation will cost. If you do decide to buy from them they can help you to arrange to get those adaptations done.

Motability at Williamalewis service is designed to be super easy to use and is the best way to get the Motability vehicle which is right for you. The staff at William a Lewis offer a comprehensive and friendly service. They help to sort out things like insurance and finance and ensure that things like your road tax are delivered direct to your home. All vehicles sold under the scheme automatically include roadside assistance.

To find out more about Motability at williamalewis visit their website or give them a call.