Mobile IT Specialists in Great Demand

Increasingly people, across the globe, are using their mobiles to access the web. For IT professionals with the right skills this is very good news. It means that there is plenty of demand for their services.

Jobs in Mobile IT Booming

Today, the vast majority of people who own smart phones use them to access the internet. In some parts of the world, phones are the key way in which people surf the web. To date growth in this sector has been astronomical. Some studies indicate that the use of mobiles for internet surfing has grown by 17% since 2010. Many industry insiders expect this growth to continue at a similar rate over the next two or three years.

Naturally, this means that the vast majority of companies now want to take advantage of this. Tens of thousands of firms are finally waking up to the fact that the need to develop their mobile websites and smart apps.

Many are looking for new ways to interface with their customers and become an essential part of their daily lives. For IT professionals who work in the field of mobile technology this is very good news indeed. It means that they can now command extremely high salaries. The growth in demand for IT mobile specialists is reflected by the number of adverts on various IT recruitment websites that ask for mobile phone related programming skills.

Demand for IT professionals in general is also strong

However, not just IT professionals who have experience of programming firmware and software for mobiles that are in demand. Across virtually every IT discipline, demand is outstripping supply. Because of this increase in demand, most IT professionals have seen their wages rise in double figures over the past few years, contrary to the general trend of stagnant wages in most industries. On the various specialist recruitment websites for those searching for IT jobs, it is easy to find jobs that offer salaries of £800 per day, plus benefits. The fact that IT training takes several years means that it will be a long time before the supply of professionals outstrips the demand for them, so those that work within the information technology sector will continue to command good salaries, benefits and working conditions.

Whether in mobile technology, database technology, SAP or other IT job specialisms, there will be a continued demand for IT recruitment, making this one of the few sectors bucking the flat or downward economic trend.

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