Maths and science learning games for kids

Let’s face it; the majority of kids have very little interest in maths and science (and more often than not, unfortunately neither do their parents) so any resource that can help them in these areas is very welcome. Nowadays there are many online games for kids that are based on, or at least include, developing mathematics and science knowledge, information and skills. These sorts of kids games online act like a kind of Trojan horse, in that learning is going on through a back door; the kids think that they are just playing a game but really they are enjoying a science or maths lesson.

Maths learning games are available that start from building basic number skills and are targeted at preschool children, and build to higher mathematical levels through the introduction of mathematical symbols, maths operations, geometry, measurement, and statistics and probability. As well as teaching the maths fundamentals, many of the games are based on the application of maths skills to real life situations and there are games of this kind that are suitable for all skill levels.

Science based games include games based on the physical sciences such as chemistry, physics, energy, mechanics and sound; life sciences which include plants and animals, anatomy and physiology, the environment and ecology, and endangered species; earth sciences such as natural resources, geology, astronomy, water and meteorology; and scientific skills of investigation and experimentation, for instance the gathering and application of information and data, recording interpreting and analysing data, making hypothesis and predictions, and experimental design.

Some of these games are very sophisticated and highly entertaining. Quite often they are accompanied by a short video that points out some of the information that is required in order to make progress in the game, whilst others rely entirely on a heuristic learning process. Some of them require quite high level reasoning powers too; even adults can find them quite difficult, often more so than the kids, so do not be surprised if you find that your ten year old precocious kid can complete the games far faster than you as a parent can.

Online learning games are a great way to develop maths and science potentials in kids of all ages and the earlier they start the faster they will progress. Before long they may even lose their prejudices against these subjects and start to enjoy them.