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Look like a Vintage Celeb in Dita Glasses

If you are a big fan of celebrity style and you like to add a touch of vintage class to your wardrobe, then Dita glasses are the perfect eyewear for you. Dita is a brand which has been around since 1996 but it is still not a name which the average person has heard of; this despite the fact that it is the eyewear of choice for many a cutting edge celebrity.

Retro Style

Whether you are a fan of the 50’s rockabilly look or love the cheesy 80’s style, Dita glasses are for you. They specialise in manufacturing quality vintage style glasses which cover the popular style decades of the 50’s and 80’s. They make all of their glasses from pretty precious metals and this makes them highly sought after by ‘fashionistas’ everywhere.

Whether you are looking for a new pair of prescription glasses or you are simply looking for a pair of A-list sunglasses, Dita glasses are a great choice which will make you the envy of all your glasses wearing friends.

Dita Origins

The Dita brand was set up by two friends, Jeff Solorio and John Juniper. Both of the men were big fans of 1950’s and 1980’s style and they decided that it would be a great idea to create some vintage glasses designs which utilised the very best of modern materials, to create unique and highly sought after glasses.

The pair believed that glasses wearers were being given short shrift and there simply were not enough well designed, glasses for serious fashion fans and in 196, they did something about it, producing the first Dita glasses.

Celebrity Fans

If you choose to wear the Dita brand, you will be in good company. The glasses have been worn by A- list stars including Brad Pitt and Kate Hudson, Jenifer Lopez and even Kim Kardashian. There is hardly a day goes by when a celeb is not spotted in a pair of the beautiful vintage inspired glasses and if you choose to buy a pair then you will surely be the envy of all of your friend and one of the most stylish glasses wearers around.


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