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London Loft Conversions

Moving home can be an expensive project in the current housing market. Property is at premium prices in cities like London and if you are looking for extra space then moving is not the only answer to your problems. Have you considered a loft conversion? Many home owners are realising the potential of a loft conversion. It will not only give you the much needed extra space, but will usually increase the value of your property.


There are many types of loft conversions to suit your needs and the type of property you own. A dormer loft conversion is an extension to the existing roof on your house which creates additional space and additional headroom to the conversion. A dormer is the most common type of loft conversion. A velux loft conversion does not alter the original roof and velux windows are installed flush with the existing roof, with this type of loft conversion planning permission is not always necessary but follow the advice of a professional loft conversion specialist for further information.


If you live in London and are looking for London loft conversions then the easiest way to find a reputable company is by recommendation if a friend or family member has recently has a loft conversion. If this is not possible then a great place to look is in the local newspapers and local trade directories. Both of these publications will have advertisements in them for companies and professional to advertise their services to the public. London loft conversions are becoming very popular as the price of property increases. Home owners decide to have a loft conversion to increase the space they need rather than selling their current home and buying another.


The internet is also a great source of information about London loft conversions too. If you are looking for a local company who specialise in loft conversion, then all you need to do if you have internet access is to go to an online search engine and type in the words London loft conversions and it will return a list or local companies specialising in loft conversions in your area.



With London Loft Conversions on the increase why not get in touch with Bespoke Lofts today to see how you can get on board!