Improve Promotion Performance With LED Lightboxes

LED lightboxes are a form of display sign but rather than the standard dark sign, they utilise LED lights to draw more attention and, therefore, improve the performance and effectiveness of the sign. They have found use in a large variety of settings and applications and they are especially effective at helping to promote a particular brand or product to consumers and potential buyers. They can be customised to include virtually any poster or message and are cost effective.


When it comes to product branding there are many factors to consider. Creating the perfect brand means meeting the demands of your target audience while getting across the message that you wish to promote. By using LED lightboxes you can highlight a specific product and effectively announce it or remind people that it exists. LED lightboxes can therefore prove an excellent form of localised branding.


Colour and light naturally attract attention. Dark signs using little colour will often be ignored because they are bland by nature. By illuminating a sign and adding colour it stands out and this means that more people will notice it. Add a promotion to LED lightboxes and you should see an increase in the effectiveness of that promotion. What’s more, lightboxes can be deployed in your own premises or on the premises of retailers that stock your items.


LED lightboxes are an ideal item for use in darker environments. Not only do they grab the potential buyer’s attention but they will be naturally more visible and easier to spot than their non-illuminated counterparts. Pubs and clubs are a prime example and drinks manufacturers have shown an increase in the number of sales they make by having an illuminated sign promoting their products placed behind or near the bar.


LED lightboxes can be used in many situations and settings and they can be customised so that they include a poster or other form of promotional material. Whether you are looking to advertise in pubs or in your own shop window, and whether you want to push a particular promotion or announce the launch of a new product, lightboxes are an effective means of doing it.



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