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Loft Conversion

A loft conversion could be the answer if you are looking for that much needed extra space in your home, extra space that won’t break the bank like a large extension at the rear of your property would do.


You may need extra space in your home for a number of reasons you may be expecting a child for example you may already have children and you are looking for a playroom for them to use. It could be you require an extra bedroom for when your family visit and you would rather they stayed with you than in a local hotel. You may even require an office as you will be working from home more and you want your space to be away from the rest of the house.


They are just a few reasons why a loft conversion could work for you. It may be that you want a home cinema or TV room for yourself, so you can shut yourself away on evenings and weekends and take in all of the sport that is on offer these days, or watch the latest film releases.


Banks and building societies prefer this kind of extension to a building outside, and look on these cases more favourably, though they won’t admit it. A loft conversion can be fitted into any shape of loft these days as there are many different types of conversion available. You will be able to talk these through with your builder when he visits your property to do a site survey.


There are Dormer loft conversions which are ideal if space is at a premium. The most popular type of loft conversion completed today is the Gable-up conversion. This is used to gain the most space from your proposed loft conversion and is most often found in semi-detached houses. In areas where planning may be a sensitive issue with local councils, a Mansard loft conversion is usually required.


A loft conversion can also add considerable value to your home in the long term and it is now becoming a more popular cost-effective way to add space and value to your home without the cost of that big move. Ask your local loft conversion builder to come and visit your home, many now offer a free survey with a no obligation quote so what have you got to lose.

Contact the Bespoke Lofts company if you are looking for help and advice with carrying out a loft conversion.

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