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Learn to Understand Your Cat

Okay, so only crazy old ladies want to talk to their cats, right? Well, maybe not.

You may well have noticed that your cat talks to you, so it is only right that you try to understand what your cat is trying to say so that you can respond in the right way. Each unique noise your cat makes and the tone at which they make is likely to mean something very specific and the more you can understand what you pet is trying to say, the more likely you are to be able to keep them happy and healthy.

It is also not just what they ‘say’ that is important, but how they say it. For instance, when you start paying attention to what your cat does when it talks to you, you are likely to notice that certain purrs or meows are accompanied by very specific movements, either flicks of the tail or certain movements of the body.

As a test, wait until the time you would normally feed your cat or kitten and start seeing how they act. You will notice that when they get hungry they will purr in a certain way or move in a specific fashion. From there it should be easy to start picking up every time your cat tries to tell you they are hungry. Also listen and watch how they greet you every time you return and you are likely to notice the same sounds and movements.

Listening to your cat can be very important and you are likely to then notice any time they are acting out of the ordinary. Changes in the way they ‘talk’ can be signs of poor cat health or other problems and you may find that you are able to help them far quicker and avoid problems becoming exacerbated simply by understanding them.

Seeking cat advice about what certain sounds or gestures mean can give you far more ability to keep your pet happy, healthy and content.

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