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Independent Retail News

In the regular press, independent retail news is difficult to come across. You rarely see news stories about what is going on in the independent retail industry. At best, you will see articles about the demise of independent retailers, but will very rarely see news stories about the positive things which are happening within the industry.

Even the trade press does not often feature independent retailers. Much of the trade press focuses on large retailers and what they are doing. Whilst this kind of information is of interest to small independent retailers these stories are not always particularly relevant.

Why Independent Retail News Is Important

If you are an independent retailer staying abreast of what is happening within your industry is important. As an independent retailer, it is very easy to end up believing that it is impossible to be successful and grow your business. However, there are quite a lot of retailers who are entering new markets and being very successful. By staying up to date with what is happening in your industry you can be inspired.

Something you read in the news could trigger an idea in your own mind. Being presented with new ideas is a good way of keeping your perspective fresh and helping you to recognise opportunities when they present themselves.

In addition, news stories about independent shops and the industry help to keep you abreast of changes in legislation that may affect you. It also ensures that you do not miss out on opportunities to get help from the local council, manufacturers or, in some cases, the government. Stories about how other businesses are successfully borrowing money can be key to helping you to manage your own cash flow.

Sources for Independent Retail News

There are some limited sources for independent retail news. Trade associations are often a good source of information. However, they tend to focus on what they have to offer and what their stores are doing. On the internet, you will find a far broader range of stories. By far the best way to get this kind of news is to subscribe to one of the few trade magazines, which specialise in providing independent retail news.

If you are looking for independent retail news subscribe to Encounter Magazine. They are the voice of independent retailers in the UK.