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How Flooring Can Make Winter Feel Totally Different

It is amazing just how different winter can feel with the right flooring. And the time to consider changing it is now. With prices lower than ever and without the winter rush, adding the right flooring, and the right heating solutions to boot, is likely to make sure that you feel comfortable from the day that winter arrives.

Solid wood flooring is a great flooring solution for winter as it can stay temperate all year round. Not only this, but will also serve to brighten up a room, making those dark winter days seem far less maudlin.

However, this isn’t the only reason to opt for wood flooring. Changing your flooring offers you the perfect opportunity to change your heating approach. Utilising under floor heating can make a huge difference to winter. Not only will your solid wood flooring always feel extremely comfortable underfoot, no matter what the weather, but under floor heating will also heat a room more effectively and more quickly, at a lower cost. Such heating gently warms every area of the room, meaning you don’t get loads of cold spots and that you don’t end up losing huge amounts of heat through windows walls and ceilings.

Even without under floor heating, wood flooring can simply act as a better insulator, keeping more heat in and in turn keeping your home feeling cosier for longer.

Choosing tiles or marble can lead to very cold floors in the winter. Even carpets can feel cold in the early morning, whilst wood is likely to retain an even temperature no matter what the weather. As such, you are likely to be more comfortable and fear the early mornings far less if you simply look to change your flooring.

Of course, the winter can be hard on wood too, and therefore it is important to know what finish and what treatment to use on the floor to ensure that it stays looking as great as possible, no matter what the weather is doing outside.

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