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How Effective are Radiators?

Radiators are far less effective than many people think. In fact, the majority of heat from a radiator is lost through windows and walls and not only wastes a great deal of energy and in turn money for any homeowner, but also therefore fails to distribute heat in the right way.

It is this second point that can make a bigger difference for many homeowners, and finding cold spots in any room, whilst others effectively roast, can be very frustrating.

However, there are actually very few other methods of effectively heating a home. Whilst fires are indeed a great way to gently warm a room, it is impractical to put them in every room, whilst electric heaters are notoriously expensive and fussy to run.

So what other options are there? Well, firstly, it is worth noting that certain rooms can greatly benefit from radiators. Bathroom radiators for example can not only be a good source of heat for the room, but also a very good way to make sure your towels dry effectively. Whilst under floor heating and fires may benefit other rooms, the bathroom will see little benefit from either and will instead be far more comfortable when heated by bathroom radiators.

Thermostatic radiator valves allow you to make sure the room remains at the temperature you favour, whilst you can always be sure that towels will be dry, no matter what the weather. Any other heat source will almost certainly fail to get your towels effectively dry, leaving you uncomfortable after a bath and removing the positive effects of a relaxing soak instantly.

With thermostatic radiator valves, radiators can be the perfect solution for a bathroom. However, for other rooms, it may be worth looking at what other options are going to be available to you to keep you warm and cosy.

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