How Can you Help your Personal Injury Claim Move Faster?

If you have suffered a personal injury as a result of an accident – whether this happened in the workplace or during your day-to-day business – you may intend to pursue a claim. We’ve all heard stories in the news about the amount of claims being sought, and it’s important to remember that accidents can and do happen as a result of negligence, which means someone else is at fault. When you decide to make a personal injury compensation claim, what can you do to ensure the case is not dragged out into a lengthy process? Here are just a few hints to keep things moving along at a swift pace.

Be Honest, Be Prepared

When you choose your solicitor, be sure to be completely honest with them and give them as much relevant information as you possibly can. If you can provide details of any witnesses who may be happy to help, details of the time and location at which the accident took place, and any photographic evidence you think might help, this will ensure your solicitor is able to prepare a case faster than if they have to wait.

Keep up to Date with your Medical and Financial Status

If necessary, continue to visit a medical professional throughout the case to ensure there is sufficient medical evidence to back up your injury claims, and to show that on-going treatment is being sought as a result of the accident. You should also keep all invoices and statements from your bank to show your financial situation before and since the accident to show any loss of earnings which may have occurred.

Above all, trust your solicitor to help you get the results you need. Whatever the nature of your claim, whether it’s a road traffic accident or an accident at work claim, it’s important to recognise that they want you to succeed.

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