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Gastric Sleeve Surgery to Lose Weight

There is a real problem with ever expanding waistlines in the UK today. It is estimated that over half of the country is classified as obese or overweight and this is obviously something which has huge implications for the population.

For those who are obese already, it can be an extremely difficult process to get rid of the weight which has been gained over many years, but it is something which must be done if they are to improve their health and quality of life.

Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Gastric sleeve surgery falls under the label of bariatric surgery or weight loss surgery. It is a less well-known procedure than the gastric band and bypass, but is highly effective in helping those who are obese to control their weight. The procedure is sometimes referred to as vertical sleeve surgery and it is a procedure which is carried out by reducing the size of the stomach, so that less food can be eaten and ingested, resulting in weight loss.

The Gastric Sleeve Procedure

During gastric sleeve surgery, the patient will be put under anaesthetic and the surgeon will set about removing around 3 quarters of the stomach, whilst leaving both ends of the stomach and intestines intact.

They will then fashion a new stomach which will take the form of a thin tube. This means that the pyloric valve can function as normal and this means that the flow of food from stomach to intestine will not be interrupted.

How it Works

There are two main ways in which gastric sleeve surgery works. Firstly, the area of the stomach is vastly reduced so that less food can be eaten. Secondly, the upper part of the stomach is removed and in doing so, the production of a hormone called ghrelin is stopped. As this hormone is known to stimulate the appetite, it can stop gastric sleeve patients from feeing hungry all the time, which helps them to cut down on food intake.

If you think that gastric sleeve surgery may be the answer you have been looking for, you should get in touch with a medical expert who can talk through your options in detail.


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