Garden Benches

Sales of garden benches, in the UK, are enjoying quite rapid growth. The reason for this is that more and more UK homeowners are choosing to stay at home rather than spend time away from home. As a result, they are spending far more time socialising in their gardens and in many cases have bought additional benches to provide comfortable seating for their guests. The overall improvement in the weather in the UK has also encouraged more people to hold barbecues and socialise in their garden.

Types of Garden Benches

There are a huge range of different kinds of garden benches available. By far the most popular kind is a three-man bench made out of a combination of wood and metal. However, recently, solid wooden benches have seen something of a renaissance. People particularly like the look of teak and are realising they are not high maintenance wooden bench. To keep them in good condition or you need to do is to rub them over with teak oil once every two years or so. Covering them in the winter means that you can go even longer between oilings.

Until fairly recently people went for quite elaborate benches with turned legs and struts. However, recently the classic the basic style of benches have enjoyed new popularity. These benches fit in well even in modern gardens.

Tips for Buying Garden Benches

When buying a bench for your garden there are a few things that you need to take into account. The first is the style of the bench you need it to blend in with your garden and your home. The next is comfort you can buy waiting benches without a back, however these benches are only suitable for occasional use.

When buying garden benches it is important to shop around and buy good quality benches. Look for benches there are made with classic mortise and tenon joints. If you are buying a self-assembly bench look for one that allows you to assemble it without having to use glue. The best benches have numbered parts to make sure that the assembly process is easy to carry out.

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