Businesses in West Yorkshire are outsourcing their IT support

Most modern businesses are reliant on technology in some way at least. Computers have come to dominate the workplace. Simple tasks now take minutes instead of hours. People can be productive and efficient thanks to the technology at their fingertips, but only if it’s working.

There’s nothing more frustrating than an IT meltdown. Even minor issues can take a network down for a few hours. And that means lost output and earnings. Just a few hours of IT outage each month can have a huge impact on any kind of business. IT support is incredibly important in keeping things ticking over, but it’s expensive to provide. An in house function isn’t always the best idea.

The model for IT support in West Yorkshire, just like everywhere else is changing. Increasingly organisations are less inclined to maintain the overhead of full time staff and are increasingly looking to outsource. This makes sense on a number of different levels. It’s difficult to keep full time IT support staff busy all of the time. By definition they are only needed when things go wrong. It makes more sense to have some sort of contract for IT support in West Yorkshire so companies can access the expertise they need when they need it, without the expense of full time staff.

Splitsec provide IT support in Leeds and rest of the West Yorkshire region. By entering into a contract with Splitsec an organisation can simply access the telephone support and on site engineers they need when they need it. It’s a much more flexible, efficient and affordable model.

Any organisation looking for IT support in Leeds should contact Splitsec and discuss their requirements with them. They’ll work out a cost effective arrangement that provides the cover and support a company needs to keep their systems running smoothly.



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