Find a Great Audi Inverness

Got your eyes on an Audi Inverness but heard too many horror stories about buying second-hand before? Then help is at hand. There are certain steps that nearly every experienced second-hand car buyer brings to mind when scoring the market for used cars. Staying legal is one of the main concerns that needs to be addressed, so it can be very helpful to run a quick car data check to ensure that any potential vehicle has not been written-off or stolen and that it doesn’t have existing finance on it. What you also need to do is cross-reference any information found on the log book (or V5C document) that you may see elsewhere. For instance, the Vehicle Identification Number printed on the document should be the exact same number as found on the car, and the registered keeper named on the paperwork should also be the person or business selling you the car.

Be Protected

You should never take any car for a test drive before you agree to anything, and should also check that you’re insured to drive it before you take it out for a spin. View it in daylight to ensure that a clear and accurate assessment of the car’s condition can be made and look out for things like rust which can be highly indicative of a car that’s best years are far behind it. It can be wise to buy from a dealer as opposed to a private seller as if anything goes wrong with the car later; the law is more likely to protect you.

Look At the Mileage

Dealerships are not permitted to sell you a vehicle that isn’t roadworthy, whilst private sellers can as long as they point the condition of the vehicle out to you – and it can be very hard to prove that they didn’t if they say that they did. If the mileage is too low compared to what you might expect of an Audi Inverness of its vintage, then this should be cause for concern. Without a good explanation you should feel free to look for alternatives. By approaching used cars with caution you can avoid having your fingers burned.

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