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Every Clothing Store Should Have Display Mannequins

Display mannequins enable passers-by to see the products available for sale. Stores that use mannequins in their display windows enjoy increased sales and turnover over shops that don’t display or decorate their windows.

People enjoy window shopping when they are out and when competing with thousands of online businesses, when you get a potential customer walk by the store, you want them to come in and see what else you have for sale.

Variety of Styles

Display mannequins come in a variety of styles from full body to torso only, they are easy to dress with the latest new releases and place in the window for display purposes. This offers a range of benefits. You are immediately displaying your new line that has come in, you are enticing new customers into you store and your store looks professional and inviting.

There is nothing worse than walking past a clothing store that doesn’t decorate their windows, if you have large display windows you should be taking full advantage of them. Displays can be done using display mannequins setting out a scene and showing off the latest trends that you have in at the moment.

Change Your Displays Regularly

The displays can be changed regularly to keep customers interested, regular chances with the new shipments can ensure good sales and revenue for your business. It’s important you take the time to chance your displays regularly, customers that notice you have the same displays for weeks or months on end will stop visiting because they think you don’t have any new stock come in.

Display windows are an opportunity for all clothing stores to display their latest stock, it’s also an opportunity to keep customers up to date on the latest trends and if done in a sophisticated manner can give a whole new meaning to your store.

Remember if you sell high quality and expensive clothing, you will want a sophisticated display, if you sell casual wear you may want to go with a fun and light hearted display. The advantage is that you are in control of your display and you can put any message across that you wish.



Display Mannequins are essential in shop windows to showcase the latest stock arrivals and trends.

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