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Demand for iroko worktops may rise during home selling season

When people move into properties, they often make alterations to enhance the way their rooms look and function. For example, many individuals may peruse the range of the iroko kitchen worktops now available to see if any suit their new abodes.

Meanwhile, before consumers put their houses or flats up for sale, they sometimes attempt to boost their values by making alterations. In such cases, they may again look to install new iroko wood worktops.

With this in mind, now may be a popular time for the purchasing of iroko kitchen worktops. After all, according to Samantha Baden from FindaProperty.com, “spring is the season for buying and selling homes”.

Writing in Stroud Life, the expert suggested that this point in the calendar is a popular one for property moves. This state of flux in the real estate market may cause demand for kitchen accessories and other such products to rise.

Issuing advice to those who are trying to sell their abodes, Ms Baden suggested they ensure their properties look their best. She said: “It usually takes around 20 seconds for a buyer to decide if they like a home so making a good first impression is vital. De-cluttering is key here – remove coats, boots and other clutter from entrance ways and rooms; make sure doors and windows open properly; clear away family photos and dust-gathering ornaments and consider removing some of your furniture as this will better show off room size and potential.”

Some consumers may also decide that they can boost the appeal and therefore value of their properties by adding new iroko wood worktops.

After all, it is widely known that along with bathrooms, kitchens tend to be prioritised by property viewers. It is therefore important that this area creates the right impression when people are inspecting it.

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