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Create a Rustic Look Throughout a Household

During the Victorian era, wood was a predominant feature across all residential and commercial properties. It was a material used within the construction of all buildings within the structural framework, with wooden panels also integrated upon the front side. This created aesthetical quality within the internal and external appearance of a building which could be enjoyed by both homeowners and prospective guests.

Although cabins continue to be predominately constructed using the most durable and hardwearing timbers, wood has been effectively replaced within modern buildings. This is mainly due to significant changes within architectural designs and increasing demands for additional interior design elements or machinery to be installed. A select number of traditional households remain in existence across the United Kingdom, with rustic pubs also bearing the hallmarks of a Victorian-style construction.

While bricks and mortar are now considered commonplace within the overall construction of a building, homeowners can still receive the aesthetical qualities of a rustic appearance. In addition to wooden furniture and flooring, which can also be utilised upon any wall, oak worktops can be installed throughout a kitchen area.
It is any homeowner’s own prerogative to choose an interior design which matches their personal taste and personality. Beech worktops can produce the required impact to not only create a warming kitchen environment in which to prepare food and drink, but also add true value and quality to any home. Although they can be installed to provide a natural element within a single room, oak worktops can accompany wooden furniture and flooring across a household to create an all-round rustic look.

The naturalistic qualities of timber used within wooden worktops shine through to provide a perfect product for all homeowners to include within their interior design. Darker toned wood, such as wenge and black American walnut, can further elevate the rustic appearance across a household which was apparent during the Victorian era. The same qualities are also provided by brighter timbers such as beech worktops to integrate a strong character and appearance to any kitchen environment, or throughout a household.

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