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Cottages In Northumberland

Northumberland has been described as being the most tranquil county in England and as the least developed and least populated county there are many reasons that people choose to holiday in cottages in Northumberland. You can choose from a great selection of cottages that can house virtually any number of people from a single individual to large family or group of friends and you can benefit from the 100 miles of beautiful coastline that the county has to offer.

Cottages offer a luxurious place to stay offering guests plenty of room to stretch out. They are like a home from home in respect of the fact that they offer the same spacious living areas, a kitchen where you can cook your own meals or prepare a quick and simple snack. However, where they tend to differ from our everyday homes is that they are away from our everyday lives so that we can really enjoy a break away from work.

For those that love to get out and about, take in the local sights and visit National Parks filled with unspoilt beauty, Northumberland is a particularly good choice. The National Park offers access to acres and acres of incredible countryside that includes stunning mountains as well as the animals that live in and around the county borders. One popular pastime within the National Park boundaries is star gazing because there is so little light pollution that you can enjoy a crystal clear view.

Northumberland itself borders Scotland and Tyneside so if you are looking for a tranquil place to stay that still offers good access to other, busier areas of the country, then Northumberland is a superb option. However, if you’re looking to see puffins, ride horses, and spot a whole or two then there’s really no need to leave Northumberland country because you can enjoy all of this and more.

You can choose from a wide variety of cottages. There are traditional cottages that are in particularly good keeping with the old world feel of the county as a whole and you can choose from those that offer accommodation for as few as two people to as many as half a dozen or more.


Cottages in Northumberland can provide you with the ideal holiday destination right here in the UK. Visit for more information and to view their list of cottages that are currently available.