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Convicted Driver Insurance

Had a few run ins with the law over your driving in the past? When you’re convicted of a driving offense getting driver insurance can be a bit of a pain, so you need to look into specialised convicted driver insurance in order to drive with a legally insured car again. The first thing you need to do when attempting to get convicted driver insurance is understand why you are in this position in the first place. If you are a careless driver, have road rage, drove while drunk, or committed any other driving offenses you need to understand the impact behind why you have been forced into convicted driver insurance. Understanding you cannot do these things and be considered a safe driver is the first step towards getting, convicted driver insurance, and once you have achieved this goal you will have taken a leap into the world of convicted driver insurance. Many insurance providers will not give you insurance simply because of your record of dangerous or reckless driving, others may be willing to give you regular convicted driver insurance but at insanely high premiums in order to cover their own back should you cause another accident. Unless you are fabulously wealthy, it is unlikely that you can maintain these premiums for any great length of time let alone paying the first instalment.

That leaves you with specialised convicted driver insurance providers. They run a very tight ship because of providing to people who have a history of dangerous driving, and as such there are a number of stipulations towards getting convicted driver insurance which could include retaking tests or being assessed by their own driving instructor in order to see if you can be trustworthy with a vehicle. Depending on whether you pass or fail these tests will determine if you are eligible for convicted driver insurance. If not, you’re unlikely to find anybody to provide you convicted driver insurance and should give it a rest, but if you are eligible for convicted driver insurance you need to be aware of higher than usual premiums and a lot of clauses relating to pay-out conditions.


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