Choosing the Perfect Chess Sets

If you are a chess fan then you probably know that there are literally hundreds, if not thousands of chess sets to choose from and this can make it fairly difficult to make a choice. Depending on when and how you like to play chess, what represents a great chess set to one person may not have the same effect on you. Therefore, there are lots of things which you should consider before choosing a chess set.

How much do you play?

Before buying chess sets you really should ask yourself how much you are likely to play with it. There is little point in buying a very expensive chess set unless you are going to play with it a lot, or you are going to put it on display. If neither of these things hold true, then you may as well buy a cheaper set which will represent better value to you.

Where do you play?

Where you play chess will also dictate which types of chess sets are better for you. If you play at home or at a club then any chess set you like should be fine but if you prefer to play chess when on the move, in a car or on a train for example, then a travel chess set, or pocket electronic chess set may be a better option for you as it will offer a higher level of convenience.


There are lots of themed chess sets available today. From harry Potter and The Simpsons to the Royal family; you can now play chess with your favourite characters from fiction and the real world. If you are buying a chess set as a gift, or for children, or you are going to put your chess set on display, then a themed set is a great option and may even encourage children to take up the game.


If you are a professional player or like to play in tournaments for fun, then a high quality chess set will put you in good stead. Not only will they look the business, but they will offer a higher level of performance too.

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