Choosing Bespoke Engagement Rings

Bespoke engagement rings are beautiful and unique pieces of jewellery that are ideal as a mean s to show a fiancé how much they mean. You and your partner will be presented with the chance to choose from a range of metals, the type of stone or stones, and the type of design to be used. BY opting for bespoke engagement rings you can enjoy a ring that you won’t see anywhere else and that you can cherish for a lifetime.

There are many precious metals used in the crafting of fine jewellery. Gold, both white and yellow gold, are the most popular metals and you can also have bespoke engagement rings created using a combination of both white and yellow gold. Other popular metals include platinum while semi-precious metals such as silver can also be used in the crafting of stunning looking bespoke engagement rings.

Traditional engagement rings will usually benefit from one or more diamonds. A single diamond between ½ and 2 carats is considered the normal design for an engagement ring. You can also choose a variety of other stones such as sapphire or ruby. A combination of two or more types of precious stone can be used to create a great looking engagement ring that the bride to be will truly love.

Creating bespoke engagement rings means choosing a metal and stones that the wearer likes. If you’re intending to surprise the recipient then consider the jewellery they wear regularly. Look at the colour and type of precious metal as well as the style of stones preferred in order to decide on the most ideal looking ring. You should also consider the quality of the jeweller so that you can be sure of the best quality of the ring.

Budget will almost certainly be an important consideration. Some metals are less expensive than others, and some stones are also less expensive. You should consider the cut, clarity, and design of any bespoke engagement rings that you are considering too. The better the quality of the jeweller, the more likely that you will benefit from a stunning ring for your betrothed.

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