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Car servicing in Whitstable

There are quite a few people using the search term ‘car servicing in Whitstable’. Despite the difficult economic situation people in the area, appear to be resisting the temptation to not have their car serviced. They realise that doing so is a false economy.

A car that is not regularly serviced will not only be more likely to let you down it will also consume more fuel. In addition, the mechanical breakdown you experience is likely to be serious rather than something minor that can be repaired quickly and cheaply.

A properly serviced car is also far safer to drive and is far less likely to fail its MOT. Most people realise this, so are still finding the money within their budget to have their car properly serviced.

Types of Car servicing in Whitstable

There are several different kinds of car servicing in Whitstable. These include mobile mechanics and garages. Some garages are set up to service all kinds of cars, whilst others mainly service the maker of car they are dealers for. Each type of car servicing firm has its advantages and disadvantages and which you use is very much a personal choice. However, it makes sense to do a little research and shop around for the best deal.

Finding the Best Car Servicing in Whitstable

When looking for somewhere to have your car serviced the most important consideration is whether they do a good job. Look for a well-established firm that has a reputation for carrying out servicing properly.

The next most important consideration is the cost. You can easily get a few phone quotes. Before settling on the mechanic or garage you are going to use ask for a written quote. If a garage lists their servicing charges on their website, you can use this in place of a written quote.

The best car servicing in Whitstable comes from firms who are customer focused. Those firms who go the extra mile by picking up and dropping off your car for you tend to offer a better overall standard of service than those who do not do this kind of thing.


County Garage Ford car servicing in Whitstable is the best in the area. They ask for feedback from all of their customers, so they can continually improve their standards.