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Bring in a Bat Consultant

If you are looking to make structural changes to a building or are trying to develop land, then you may well have been told that you need to carry out a bat survey before your planning permission can be approved. This means that you will need to call in a licensed bat consultant who can assess the bat situation on your property in order to satisfy the planners and ensure the safety of the bat population.

People who live in areas where bats are prevalent are quite often asked to call a bat consultant because bats are a protected species and it is illegal to harm them or interfere with their habitats in any way. A bat consultant can carry out a survey which will find out whether or not bats have taken up residence in a building before any planning permission can be granted. Anyone who fails to call in a bat consultant and proceeds with work which damages a bat habitat could find themselves being imprisoned, so it really is not worth the risk to even consider moving bats without notifying the relevant people.

Local Authorities

It is likely that local authorities would not even grant you planning permission if you lived in a risk area because they would require you to submit a report from a qualified bat consultant as a matter of course.

Calling in a bat consultant to do a survey as soon as possible is always a good idea – don’t wait to be asked by the local authority. It is a good idea because you can submit the bat survey findings straight away with your plans and that will mean there will be n hold ups while a survey is requested.

If Bats are Found

If a bat consultant finds evidence of bats on your property, then you will need to put in a request to the environmental department who will decide what course of action you will be allowed to take and quite often solutions can be found which are good for both you and the bats. You should not delay in sorting out the issue.

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