Block Management London

In the capital there is quite a bit of demand for block management, London is after all the UK city with the most high-rise buildings. There are thousands of commercial and residential tower blocks in the city. They all need taking care of, and looking after a block of flats or offices is far different from looking after other buildings. For this reason, several companies in the capital specialise in looking after this kind of building. However, not all of them offer the same service. There are several different kinds of block management available.

Types of Block Management London

Most owners opt for a comprehensive block management London service. They do so because they know that everything connected to keeping the building fit for purpose is being handled. When you consider that most blocks are owned by investment companies the last thing they want to be doing is scheduling appointments for things like fire inspections, which are required by law.

A comprehensive service includes everything including, in some cases, running the residents association. It means putting together a maintenance schedule and ensuring that is carried out. Should the building need major building work such as a re-vamp the block management team may be involved. At the least they will make sure that the building is kept habitable as much as possible. They may even be involved in hiring the builders or contractors and monitoring their progress.

Some companies even get involved in collecting rent and chasing tennants who are in arrears. They may also deal with evictions and re-leasing too.

Finding Your Block Management London Provider

Given that there are so many different kinds of services that can be included in a block management package, it is important to do your research before signing a contract. The search term “block management London” will get you started. It makes sense to speak to at least three companies who offer this kind of service in the area your building is located. Bear in mind that this business relationship will be a long-term one, so choose carefully and look for someone you feel comfortable with.


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