Benefit from Buying a Used Car in Bedford

If you are currently thinking about trading in your old car for a better model, you should think about whether or not you really want to fork out for a brand new car. Having a new car is always nice, but it is an expensive option too. The fact is, most of us do not need new cars at all – we can get by perfectly fine with used cars. Bedford buyers will find that there is no shortage` of quality used cars to choose` from and they will also find that there are many benefits to buying used cars in Bedford, a few of which can be found below:

The Perfect Choice

The number of used cars in Bedford far outstrips the number of new cars available and this means that there is more choice when buying used cars in Bedford. This, in turn, means that buyers stand a much better chance of finding the perfect vehicle for them when they` visit a used car dealer than when they go look around a new car dealership.

Beat Depreciation

A used car, which is in good condition, will hold its value much better than a new car, which could lose as much as 60% of its original value in as little as a year or two. This means that quality used cars represent a much better investment, in many cases, than new ones.

Lower Premiums

Used cars in Bedford, unless they are particularly valuable collectors’ items, will usually cost far less to insure than new cars, so not only will you be paying less than the car, but you’ll cut your insurance costs too.


Finally, it is typically much easier to obtain affordable car finance when buying used cars in Bedford than it is buying new ones and your monthly repayments will be much lower too.

Buying Used Cars

When buying used cars in Bedford, it is advisable to buy from an honest local dealer, rather than a private seller. You will be afforded more protection, have more choice and greater peace of mind by doing so.



Lakeview Cars are a family run used car dealership, based in the Bedfordshire area. When looking for used cars, Bedford drivers will find their prices hard to beat.