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B2b Data

B2b data is vital because it is the information that allows companies who use it to hone their marketing campaigns to be more effective. However, it is something many businesses rarely think about or view as a valuable asset.

The Importance of B2b Data

This is shocking when you consider that targeted marketing can be the difference between profitability and going under. In the current economic climate, this is particularly the case.

Some firms do not really understand what b2b data is. In this context, b2b stands for business to business. Therefore, B2B data is the information you hold about the companies you deal with. In particular, the businesses you sell your products or services to. This data includes everything from their contact details to what they buy from you, how much they pay for it and what point of the year they buy from you.

Firms use this data to send out marketing materials, mail products and bill their customers. Some firms simply send marketing materials to everyone on the list regardless of what the product is. Whilst other firms use b2b information to target specific customers with special offers for those products they have bought in the past. This more targeted approach works best because you are offering people something you know they are interested in buying. With good B2B information, it is possible to save money on marketing as well as grow sales and profit. Most companies supplement their own B2B data buy buying lists of new potential customers from data brokers. A very effective way of quickly building up new leads and sales.

The Importance of Maintaining and Updating B2b Data

However, taking the approach most firms do of simply keying in the data and leaving it is not a good one. Over time B2B databases degrade. Firms go out of business, or stop needing certain products and services. If you leave the contact details of these firms in your B2B database, you will be wasting money mailing marketing materials to firms who have gone out of business.

A good way of keeping your b2b data fresh is to buy lists of contact details from data brokers. A good broker will sell you details that are up to date, which will provide you with new customers to buy your products.


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