Are Granite Worktops Worth The Money

Remodelling your kitchen and bathroom has been your dream since you purchased your home years ago. After scrimping and saving, it has finally become a reality and you want it to turn out just right. You’ve received several quotes for different types of worktops, though, and you can’t help but notice granite is a bit more expensive than other materials. While there is no doubt a granite worktop would add timeless beauty to your kitchen or bathroom, you have to wonder, when it is all said and done, will buying granite worktops be worth the money?


Granite: Worth the Money Every Time


You’ve done a bit of research, and you know the benefits of granite. You know it is durable, resistant to scratches, dings, and nicks, and it can add incredible style to your kitchen. As long as you take the time to care for it, it can last a lifetime and still look just a beautiful in 20 years as it did the day it was installed. You probably won’t ever have to replace it, unless your own style preferences change and you want something new.


When you have a granite worktop, you also don’t have to worry about bacteria and germs. The surface on this type of worktop is sealed every four to six months, creating a barrier that cannot be penetrated by microorganisms that could make you and your family ill.


Cleaning your granite worktop is easy, as well. Most often, nothing more than a soft sponge or rage with water and soap is necessary to keep it sanitary and clean. Chemical cleaners are discouraged for it, helping you make a healthier and greener choice when it comes to your cleaning products.


Simply put, granite is a better material for your worktops than anything else. Go to our website for more details. Don’t believe it? Let’s consider the consequences of choosing a cheaper material like laminate or wood.


  • These materials are not resident to scratches, heat, or nicks. You will have to be very careful to never accidentally set a hot pan down on the surface or cut anything directly on the worktop.


  • Wood and laminate begin to show wear and tear after only a couple of years, so you will have to replace them more often. If you add up the installation cost of new wood or laminate worktops over your lifetime, you will most likely find you are paying more for these other materials than you would for a one-time installation of granite.


  • It will be much more difficult to keep other materials germ free because they harbour bacteria. Instead of using soap and water to clean your worktops, you may have to resort to chemicals that can kill microorganisms living in your kitchen; this can be harmful to your family, as your food is prepared on these worktops.


Bob Gill is the manager at AGandM. If you are going to purchase a new worktop for your home, don’t go for something that “looks like granite” or something cheap and low quality. You deserve better. Visit our website. Choose a granite worktop and reap the benefits- they are worth the price.