A decade of the London School of Business and Finance

The London School of Business and Finance was established in 2003, and over the last decade has attracted students from over 150 countries. It can now boast nine campuses, spread across the world, and offers programmes pitched at undergraduates, postgraduates and those looking for professional qualifications. The school has recently joined forces with Liverpool FC to put together a new programme based upon the transferable skills associated with football such as leadership and team-building. The school is now seen as one of the leading business schools in the world and has even received a Queen’s Award for Enterprise – one of the most prestigious accolades in the business world.

Committed to excellence

The college says that it endeavours to ensure that its students are fully prepared to enter the world of business upon graduation, with a careers service in place to assist them further after this point is reached. It cites a ‘commitment to excellence’ and has recruited some leading tutors and highly-respected, experienced professionals to pass on their knowledge of enterprise to learners. The London School of Business and Finance has opened up a new campus in Bogato, Columbia to stand alongside its existing campuses in London, Birmingham, Manchester and Toronto to name but a few locations. The website, at boasts a network of more than 10,000 global students situated at its various campuses. It has also outlined plans to open campuses in various other locations including Mexico City, Dublin and Mumbai amongst others.

Networking opportunities

Those wishing to study in London are offered the chance to learn in what the school calls the ‘centre of global finance’, citing the high level of diversity on offer in the capital to be one of the most alluring reasons to complete studies there. The school says that it endeavours to ensure that all of its students are given the chance to realise their full potential and achieve the goals that they strive towards. LSBF can also offer personal training and vast networking opportunities that can allow students to make exceptionally useful contacts that may well come to be of high assistance as their careers develop. Undergraduates can look forward to a professional qualification as well as a degree.

The London School of Business and Finance offers a range of innovative education programs. Visit their website to learn more.