3D Printers Versus Traditional Rapid Prototyping

At Laser Lines we remain one of the leading suppliers of lasers, laser accessories, vacuum casting systems, 3D printers and rapid prototyping machines. Founded in 1975 our experienced team offer training, installation as well as maintenance and repair services for all of our products so you can have peace of mind that we are here to support you should anything go wrong with our products or if you need assistance and guidance.

Here at Laser Lines we specialise in 3D printers. But what are the advantages of 3D printing as oppose to the more traditional method of rapid prototyping? 3D printers offer a fast and cost effective alternative to rapid prototyping. 3D printers are designed for workstation and network usage like a standard laser printer and can be integrated easily into existing office systems. The number of businesses using 3D printing is constantly increasing, as is the usage of CAD modeling. The main advantage of 3D printers over rapid prototyping is cost. Both methods build models layer by layer from STL data but the cost of using rapid prototyping can be nearly as much as double the cost of using 3D printers. Taking into account material, machine depreciation, system maintenance and labour 3D printing offers much better value for money and is a more cost-effective method of producing parts.

We offer a range of 3D printers at Laser Lines and our experienced team will help you find the right printer for your specific needs and business requirements. One of our most popular 3D printers is the Hewlett Packard Designjet range that allows you to create working onsite models directly from your CAD. The Hewlett Packard Designjet printers produce models made of tough ABS plastic that can then be sanded and even painted.

Whatever you’re printing needs we can help you to find the right printer for your requirements.

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