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Your Wall Insulation Options

Shopping around for the best wall insulation products means that you will first have to determine the typed of insulation products you need. Determine whether the property you are insulating has cavities or not and whether there are any other requirements that must be met to ensure that the insulation is able to offer the heating and cost saving benefits that it should. Estimates show that as much as 35% of the heat in a property can be lost through the walls which helps make wall insulation a positive addition to any home.

Up until the early 20th century most homes were built using solid wall construction. This means that homes built prior to the 1920s will not usually have a cavity between the exterior and interior wall, although there are notable exceptions to this. The North East of England, for example, used cavity wall fittings for longer than the rest of the country.

Following the 1920s, properties were typically built with a cavity between the two layers of wall. If a property was built in the last 20 years then there is a good chance that it will have had cavity wall insulation fitted when it was built. Look for telltale drill holes, check the paperwork that came with the property, and have a surveyor check your walls to be absolutely sure that you have or have not had insulation fitted.

Heat is lost through walls that are on the exterior of the property. Cold air, wind, and rain all work to essentially drain the property of warm air and, in terms of heating costs, it is also necessary to warm the walls and keep them warm. The more exterior walls a property has the more energy and heat that property will lose. Even solid walls benefit from wall insulation.

Wall insulation products vary according to whether you require cavity insulation or solid wall insulation. There are also many different types of product available at various prices and many will use different technology in order to prevent heat and energy from escaping your home. There are many benefits to good quality wall insulation for a property.

Contact YBSInsulation.com to discuss your wall insulation product requirements. We can provide you with any amount of cavity or solid wall insulation so that you can be confident of providing your customers the best possible service.