Your Professional Indemnity Insurance Quote

There are many forms of indemnity insurance which can help protect the modern business from legal action and protect against the potential cost of compensation. Employer’s liability is a legal requirement if you have any employees within your organisation while public liability may also be a legal requirement and is, at the very least, a vital consideration for many businesses. A professional indemnity insurance quote is another form of indemnity insurance that can protect your business from certain compensation claims.


Public liability claims are typically made against companies when there actions or even products lead to injury or damage to property. The wronged party can sue for compensation and this can lead to extensive medical and legal bills as well as the cost of compensation itself. However, there are also those incidents where a professional provides information or consultation, rather than products or services, and this is where a professional indemnity insurance quote can prove useful.


Negligent advice or negligence in a service that you provide in a professional capacity can be considered a professional indemnity case. If this action leads to a loss of money, damage to property, or injury to a person, then litigation action is commonplace. Consultants, architects, designers, and other professionals face the very real possibility of having legal action taken against them for such alleged negligence.


Litigation is commonplace and has become one of the most lucrative areas of modern law practice. For the small business, or even the well established business, it can financially ruin the organisation and leave reputations in tatters. There is not only the cost of compensation to consider but the costs of medical and legal expenses as well as the cost of missing work to attend court.


A professional indemnity insurance quote will protect you against these eventualities and provide you with the financial backup that you require should somebody take litigious action against you. Whether you are an IT consultant or a medical consultant you run the very real risk of being sued for litigation if you give advice which is found to lead to personal injury or damage to property. has an extensive library of information on various business insurance policies. Visit our website now to receive a free, no obligation professional indemnity insurance quote for your organisation.