Woman to receive compensation over climbing accident

Experiencing personal injury can be hugely painful and upsetting, and the consequences of such accidents can be long-term and severe. It is therefore no wonder that when people need a solicitor in Manchester, solicitors in Liverpool and so on to help them fight for compensation, they are eager to get the very best around.

One woman who is set to receive a payout for her suffering is Louise Pinchbeck. The 44-year-old bank executive shattered her ankle in a climbing accident while on a team building exercise in March 2008.

Because of her injuries, she still walks with a limp and she cannot take part in exercises like running.

The incident occurred at the Craggy Island indoor climbing centre in Guildford when Ms Pinchbeck was descending a 12-foot wall designed to be tackled without ropes. She jumped to the ground because her arms were becoming increasingly tired. The drop was around four or five feet and because of the fact she landed awkwardly, she shattered her ankle.

She claims that while she and her colleagues received good supervision from the centre’s instructors when they tackled the high-level climbing wall, she was given no proper briefing about the smaller wall and had the impression that it was like a ‘play’ session to cool down. She disputes the instructors’ claims that she was specifically told not to jump off.

Judge Patrick Curran QC has now ruled that Craggy Island was two-thirds responsible for the accident. While the damages payout is yet to be assessed, it is thought it could be worth more than £100,000. This could be encouraging to those seeking assistance from a solicitor in Manchester, solicitors in Liverpool and so on in their own personal injury cases.

Meanwhile, leaving court after the judge had made his ruling, Ms Pinchbeck was clearly emotional and she broke down in tears.

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